LoomGuard for Ford Connect - [2009>2014]

It is now almost common knowledge that the Ford Transit and Transit Connect vans had a major flaw in their security system by allowing an exposed rear wire loom. This is often cut in an attempted theft and whilst no longer allows access to the vehicle, it still damages the wire loom and causes the remote locking to stop working until the loom is either fixed or replaced - costing as much as 160 at some dealers.

The LoomGuard is the original product designed to prevent this. Whilst many have copied our solution, no-one has matched it. A simple milled and coated aluminium block slots around the loom allowing minimum exposure when the door is closed - preventing a thief sliding a Stanley knife or hacksaw blade through the gap to cut it. Fitted in seconds using supplied fixings.

More recently the Transit Connect drivers door looms are being cut resulting in the thief gaining entry. We have quickly designed and brought to market a solution to prevent this from happening. The Connect cab LoomGuard can be fitted in minutes, using existing door fixings. Once again a very cost effective solution to a potentailly expensive problem.


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