Latest Insurance figures suggest that UK van owners and operators are targeted an average of 624 times per day by thieves. That’s over 225,000 break-ins or attempted break-ins to vans each year.

How long before your van becomes part of these statistics?

Established in 2002, Van-Locked are the UK leading experts in van security - we're not a ply lining company; we are not a locksmith, auto electrician or one of many types of companies adding van security as a side line. We are specialists in securing vans, this is what we do, it is our passion, and we do it better than anyone else.

Unfortunately, too many van operators leave this important and necessary decision about securing their van until it’s too late. They only look at vehicle security once they have experienced first hand the devastating effects that vehicle and content theft causes.

Many installation companies advertise their products as “van security items”, often describing them as ‘accredited this’ or ‘approved that'.  Most of these companies lack both the knowledge and expertise to advise you, the customer, correctly.  Their products fall short of offering the level of security demanded and required by the modern van operator in the constant and changing fight against crime.

By contrast, our product range addresses both general and vehicle specific threats. Many of the products you see on this site are designed and manufactured by ourselves in our constant battle to keep one step ahead of the increasingly ingenious van thief. They provide our customers with the very best and effective means of securing their vans and their contents.

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