RepLock for Iveco Daily - [2006>current]

The RepLock allows for secure replacement of the original manufacturers lock [when fitted additionally to the handle on the door]. It benefits the user by replacing the possible vulnerable manufacturers lock with a secure, anti-scerwdriver, nut fixed system which can, if required, be linked into the vehicle's existing central/remote locking facility. The RepLock is the alternative to a protection plate system, when it cannot be installed either because of damage or if the end user requires a more cosmetically sound alternative.

Due to the clever design features of this system, such as its: 50mm diameter lock face, 30mm threaded body, large internal reinforcing washer and 34mm locking nut - this lock is practically impossible to punch through the door and gives increased strength to the immediate area around the lock. Although the RepLocks primary function is to upgrade standard security. They can be, and are often used, to cover the damage and repair a door after a break-in has occurred.

Certain applications allow for the internal locking rods/buttons to be removed, effectively turning the RepLock into a deadlock system [by allowing lock/unlock function solely through the RepLock] - in these applications, if the vehicle has remote locking, it becomes remote deadlocking [by allowing lock/unlock function solely through the RepLock or remote button].

The RepLock is not supplied with vehicle specific instructions due to the fact it requires minimal effort to replace the manufacturers lock and links into the vehicles existing locking system in the same manner as the original.

Please look at Key Options to assist with choosing the correct key system for your requirement.

RepLock kits are automatically supplied keyed alike [all operate from one key].


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