Ultimate for Citroen Dispatch - [2007>2015]

Ultimate for Citroen Dispatch - [2007>2015]

Testament of L4V's objective to provide world leading security products for use on Light Commercial Vehicles; it's latest offering, the Ultimate has revolutionised acceptable levels of security for today's modern fleet vehicle. It has been designed, manufactured and tested to address and combat the existing and potential methods used by even the most determined would be thief.

The Ultimate is the product of choice for those who require the ultimate answer to their security needs.

No expense was spared when producing this pedigree locking system; its features include - A body made from lightweight yet durable Alloy. High security, low maintenance semi-automatic locking system houses the hardened steel locking bolt and has been developed to our exact requirement. Unique angled body designed to deflect direct blows from a hammer, patent-pending inter-locking (anti-jemmy) rear body and 45 degree side door body chamfer, which allows the Ultimate to close to a gap from 3mm and acts as additional protection to the systems locking bolt. Hardened steel, anti-drill inserts in the lock bodies to prevent circumventing of the locking system. High quality anodised finish to prevent corrosion in the harshest of environments and bespoke internal reinforcing fixing plate to achieve the securest mount possible.

Available in Deadlock or Slamlock version.

Please contact a member of our sales team if your vehicle is not listed. We only list the vehicles that we can provide full installation guides for, however others are available.


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Driver - side door
Passenger - side door
Rear - twin doors


From £54.00
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Improve security by adding an additional locking point to the door, working independently to the vehicles existing locking mechanism. Provides flexibility by allowing the user to decide when the deadlock is locked/unlocked.
From £53.00
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Replacement Keys    
After continuous use all keys will wear. To ensure the correct operation of your additional Security Locks, the key may need to be replaced. Replacement Keys are available to order on line by following the steps below.
From £12.50
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Allows for a SlamLock to be incorporated into a Steel replacement handle, protecting against the common vulnerability of the manufacturers handle being removed.
From £103.00
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Our SlamLock automatically locks when the vehicle door closes and cannot be reopened unless the correct high-security key is used.
From £53.00
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The Ultimate has been designed, manufactured and tested to address and combat the existing and potential methods used by even the most determined would be thief.
From £140.00
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