HandleGuard for Ford Transit - [2006>2014]

HandleGuard for Ford Transit - [2006>2014]

The Transit HandleGuard protects the internal side door handle from being manipulated when the vehicle is on single lock or fitted with SlamLocks from outside. A common tactic by thieves is to use a flat object to slide past the rubber and operate the internal release whilst outside the vehicle. Fitted in minutes, using existing handle fixings.

The New Sprinter/Crafter HandleGuard is a Stainless Steel replacement non functioning handle that should be installed alongside SlamLocks to deter attacks on manufacturers handle. Aesthetically pleasing and strong construction makes this a desirable security addition.


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Stainless Steel protection system for existing manufacturers handle/ locking mechanism.
From £57.50
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Improve security by adding an additional locking point to the door, working independently to the vehicles existing locking mechanism. Provides flexibility by allowing the user to decide when the deadlock is locked/unlocked.
From £53.00
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Innovative product range used to address exisitng weaknesses found in certain manufacturers mechanisms.
From £20.00
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Stainless Steel lock blanking plate.
From £20.00
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Designed to prevent cutting of vulnerable wiring loom guard on select vehicles.
From £30.00
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Secure encasement of vehicle pedals to prevent the possibility of vehicle theft.
From £129.50
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Our SlamLock automatically locks when the vehicle door closes and cannot be reopened unless the correct high-security key is used.
From £53.00
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Locking device offering protection against theft of vehicles spare wheel.
From £48.75
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The Ultimate has been designed, manufactured and tested to address and combat the existing and potential methods used by even the most determined would be thief.
From £123.33
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Heosafe Cab Locks    
Internal locking systems designed for motorhomes but also a good addition for the concerned van operator
From £135.88
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Seperates the cab from the load area providing an excellent deterrent against theft.
From £226.20
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The VG Maxrack Gallery Rack is robust, lightweight, versatile and easy-to-fit
From £395.20
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Rear Towing Step Bumper    
Heavy duty protection for rear of vans with added towing facility.
From £281.06
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Rear Tubular Step    
Cost effective rear step for vans.
From £158.86
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Roof Bars    
Roof bars are the ideal addition to anyone that wishes to increase their vehicles carrying potential
From £54.60
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Wind Deflectors    
Increase comfort when driving with windows open by deflecting wind and rain.
From £61.10
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Window Grilles/blanks    
Proven visual deterrent against theft through van windows.
From £109.78
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